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Micro Ornament & Crime

After Later Audio Micro Ornament & Crime


Micro Ornament & Crime is an 8hp variant of the popular Ornament & Crime design from mxmxmx. This particular variant was designed by JakPlugg, designer of uBurst, nRings, and Monsoon.

The module is fully assembled, tested, and calibrated. The calibration is done with a 6.5 digit multimeter, itself recently calibrated, to ensure you get the highest accuracy from your module. The firmware is Stock by default. Hemisphere Suite available on request.

The panel is a custom black After Later Audio panel that offers metallic gold accents.

The module comes with a power cable and a 1 year warranty.

After Later Audio has a strong reputation for delivering high quality modules at affordable prices. Please browse our feedback to review what our customers have to say and do not hesitate to reach out with any questions.