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Frap Tools Fumana


Frap Tools Fumana is a gorgeous analogue dual fixed filter bank, which provides two layers of band pass filters arranged at musical intervals with 48dB per octave slopes each, letting you create a diverse array of spectral effects,  lush textures, vocoder style effects and more.

The two filter groups on FUMANA are arrange as main and mod, main is where you apply and modify your incoming audio signal mod is where you shape your modulation signals though an array of envelope followers, which then modifies your main signal.

FUMANA'S filter sections are arrange in odd and even bands, allowing you to apply different input and modulation signals to the odd and even bands, these can be monitored separately or mixed together at the main output.

Fumana offers an array of controls to add movement and animation to your filter sound, tilt lets you move the spectral settings effectively moving the states of the preceding filter setting either left or right, creating unusual filter movement and voicing. There’s also dedicated CV control for the parametric scanning for each filter group.

Each filter has a dedicated VCA output, which are super handy should you wish to access and monitor specific frequency bands, when monitoring specific frequency bands via the dedicated output, their results are still applied to the odd / even and main outputs.

Fumana offers a tonne of possible functions, weather that be filtering, vocoding to creation of spacial weirdness, it can go as deep as you want to go.

The main features of the Frap Tools Fumana include

  • Dual 16 band fixed filter bank
  • Offers a tonne of audio and CV connectivity
  • Functions as a dual 8 band filter bank or a single 16 band filter bank
  • Insane build quality
  • 42HP wide