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Lyra 8 FX

SOMA Lyra 8 FX


Dual Delay + Distortion + Feedback processor

SOMA Laboratory's Lyra 8 FX module is the noisy marsh of effects from their acclaimed Lyra-8 Organismic Drone Synth. With dual delay and distortion, this module is perfect for anyone who wants to add murky, sludgy dark effects to their Eurorack setup.

The lo-fi delay section is comprised of two delays with cross-feedback. The delays offer not only external CV control of delay time, but are also capable of self-modulation—using their own outputs to modulate delay time. Feedback amount and distortion amount are also voltage controllable, and manual level controls are available for input level and mix level of the delay and distortion circuits.
Perfect for lo-fi delays, murky Karplus-strong, and crunchy, broken-speaker ambience, the Lyra8-FX is an excellent way to add grungy SOMA charm to any Eurorack system.

Lyra8-FX Features
• Dual Delay + Distortion + Feedback processor
• CV inputs for Feedback, Drive, and Delay time
• Each delay switchable between self-modulation (modulation feedback) or external CV input
• Attenuators for all CV inputs
• Separate level control for distortion and delay
• Dedicated input level control
• Mix out and delay direct out

• 20hp
• 90mA @ + 12V / 20mA @ -12V
• 40mm deep