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Morpheus is back

The Rossum Electro-Music juggernaut powers on. We have more Morpheus in stock right now. The Morpheus includes over 190 filter configurations. Each configuration is composed of up to 8 complex filters that you can picture as being at the corners of a three dimensional cube. Morpheus gives you the ability to smoothly interpolate between those 8 filters within the cube’s three dimensional space!

New XAOC modules

The XAOC Devices range goes from strength to strength! We have taken stock of Drezno and Lipsk Drezno consists of a flexible ADC (analog-to-digital converter) and DAC (digital-to-analog converter) that can be cross-patched, or used independently. Lipsk is an expander for Drezno and allows you to flip (invert) individual bits of the digital signal representation. It features 8 illuminated tact switches for manual control as well as 8 individual gate inputs. When connected to Drezno which is processing a waveform, inversion of individual bits yields fractal-like pattern waveforms.

MakeNoise Morphagene on the way!

We'll be getting a huge shipment of the spectacular Morphagene at the end of June. The latest batch ran into a few delays due to some irregular parts which had to be addressed at MakeNoise's factory. This hasn't dampened our enthusiasm as it'll be worth the wait

New Mutable stuff

This week we see the arrival of Veils and Blinds. Supremely handy utility modules...

The general low-down as follows Blinds is a 4-channel voltage-controlled signal polarizer. Each channel consists of a polarizer circuit, also known as a four-quadrant multiplier. This circuit acts like a VCA, except that a negative control voltage will cause the output signal to be inverted, instead of being silenced. Blinds’ outputs are daisy-chained, allowing adjacent groups of 2, 3, or all 4 channels, to be mixed together. Veils provides four VCAs with an adjustable response curve. Veils’ outputs are daisy-chained, allowing adjacent groups of 2, 3, or all 4 channels, to be mixed together.

Just Friends incoming

Mannequins is the Eurorack line of modules by manufacturer Whimsical Raps based New York.

The modules take an innovative approach to seemingly standard ideas and Just Friends is no exception. Originally described as a 'tempo-relative modulation source' the design centred on LFOs running at musical ratios relating to one another. Just Friends follows the habit of other Mannequins modules by containing multiple, independent functional blocks, driving them with unified controls while providing 'relational' elements. This propels the idea of complex interactive systems where small gestures have manifold influence...

Sequencing, Harvestman style...

Arguably one of the best sequencers in Eurorack.

An absolute beast for live performance, but equally well suited in the studio. More coming this week The STILLSON HAMMER MK II is a 4-track control voltage sequencer for realtime music performance. Four CV/gate tracks directly control your collection of oscillators and percussion. Seven pages of parameters determine your musical performance, edited in realtime with a bank of 16 sliders. A series of hotkeys immediately generate or modify sequences or individualised parameters across all four tracks, with no menu diving whatsoever. Two CV inputs and large manual controls mutate any number of sequence parameters, with programmable modulation amount per step. 32 preset slots are provided for your storage of sequencer data. The keypad, rotary encoder, CV modifiers, LED feedback (on...

Verbos Electronics

The new Verbos Random Sampling module is on its way.

We have limited numbers from the first run due to arrive next week. It's a selection of random voltage sources. 2 fluctuating randoms capable of slowly, varying voltage or sweepable audio noise, each with an uncorrelated random gate output. A two output, up to 6 bit digital stored random voltage source. White, pink and metallic (TR-808 cymbal type) audio noise. A 4 stage analog shift register where each sample and hold can be broken out of the chain to be used separately.

Mutable Kinks is here!

Kinks provides three analog utility functions for altering the shape of audio or control signals.

SIGN – This section consists of a precision signal inverter, and half- and full- wave rectifiers (which respectively clips to 0V, and inverts the negative half of the signal). They can help in creating new LFO shapes, add overtones to audio signals or even transform CV melodies. LOGIC – An analog OR gate outputs the maximum of two signals: not only it can merge two streams of triggers/gates like its digital counterparts, but it can also hybridizes LFOs, envelopes or even audio signals – creating the same type of inharmonic side-bands as ring-modulators. The analog AND gate outputs the minimum of the two signal. With it you can mute/un-mute a stream of triggers with another gate, or explore other shades...

XAOC Devices

A large shipment of Xaoc Devices Batumi, Poti and Sewastopol is heading our way!

The Batumi, in particular is a much sought after module. 4 voltage controlled LFOs in a small package with assignable waveform outputs, assignable reset and tap tempo inputs. Complete with the Poti expander, this is a beast of a module. Contact us for pre orders! More info can be found here

MakeNoise Tempi now shipping

The MakeNoise Tempi is a 6 Channel, polyphonic time-shifting clock module.

It provides an intuitive method for creation and recall of complex clocking arrangements within a modular synthesizer system. Using HUMAN and/ or MACHINE programming you could re-create most classic Clock Divider and Multiplier arrangements and then continue on to create new ones. Store up to 64 for later recall and Select them using control signals from within your system or the Select Bus. Buy HERE