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New Showroom & Live Modular Event!

We're getting ready to unveil our Demo room for daily use.

On the 1st November doors will be open to the public. To run alongside this, London Modular will present... "A Modular Revue" We are happy to announce a night dedicated to modular synthesis. This event will be held at Crate Brewery, Hackney Wick and will consist of modular performances from start to finish.

All of the acts will provide improvised shows with the following rules: No Dj's, No Samplers and No Computers. Modular synthesis is the most exciting thing happening in music production today. 2013, in particular, is seen by many as a golden age for modulars. Our event will put these synths at front and centre where they belong and highlight what they're capable of.

By running the evening as a purely modular show, we hope our guests will hear these systems in a new light. On a weekly basis we're meeting producer after producer through our store, so this event is likely to become bi-monthly. Always Modular. Always Unlisted.

The Brewshed Crate brewery Unit 14a queens yard 5 pounds entry 1 min from Hackney Wick Overground Sat-09 Nov-10pm-3am



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